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WWF - World wide food fundraiser

Updated: May 7, 2023

WWF Fundraiser

At first, it was just an idea. We wanted to make use of the candy floss machine that I got for Christmas. I thought, well I already have it, I might as well put it to good use. I really didn’t need to get my first cavity because of a Christmas present.

I started brainstorming, and I wanted to sell candy floss, but it turns out, you have to have a licence to sell food (not packaged), so that was out of the question, but then my parents told me, “you can give away food though (if anyone is brave enough to take it)” So I decided to anyway.

When I was discussing how to do this with my friends (one of their parents own a shop and her parents let us set up a stall in front of the shop), we decided that we wanted to donate the money to a charity. I already had the materials at home, so it's not like we were losing money, just not earning any. I said that we should donate to an animal charity, since we were in Sai Kung, there were lots of people with a variety of pets. So we did. We donated it to WWF.

Fast-forward about a month, we finally set up store, and in the beginning, I would have already been happy if we raised 100 dollars. We did a little more than that. During the process, more and more people came, but at the beginning, there were little people. It started off with friends, people who came to the shop (we were setting a stall in front of a shop) and suddenly, word spread, and many people started coming. Little by little, people started donating. Whether it was 5 dollars or 100 dollars (some friends and family donated up to 100 dollars!) our jar began to fill. Just the small donations like 10 dollars made a big difference.

I was with the others, and we were oddly overjoyed every time someone made a donation, and it felt super good at the end of the day, with the jar pretty much filled. I expected like 300 dollars at most (I wasn’t keeping track, but then 2 people donated $100, so I expected at least 300). But we were counting the money. We got $845HKD. While counting, I realised that it was mostly 10 dollar bills (I wasn’t like expecting a lot of 50 dollar bills or anything, I just noticed it), and all of those small little contributions, made $845HKD.

You know, I realised that I can apply to everyday life. With little small contributions, to actually anything, you can get a lot of things done. Because at some point, those small things can make a big thing. Sooner or later, those little things would make a big difference.

You know, this is a pretty cheesy moral, but I really learned that these morals (no matter how cheesy it is), they are really good morals, and now, I would try to do small little things, that hopefully contribute to a bigger thing.

(The photo of me walking is me handing out popcorn, which we also did give away, but I forgot to mention)

(I realise my hairstyle is very different, and I think I spent like 30 seconds choosing what to wear but we're just going to ignore for now)

Giving out popcorn for fundraising (WWF)


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