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Chocolate Soufflé Ingredients

No matter how well you can cook, if you use the wrong ingredients in the wrong way, the end product will never be good.


Caia's Happy Face (Duck)

The photo above is me after I won a duck at a claw machine. (It was my second time using a claw machine before)


  • English (First language)

  • Cantonese (Second language)

  • Putonghua

  • Japanese (Elementary level & still learning)

  • Spanish (Elementary level & still learning)




~ Competitions

  • HK Science fair (W.M.E)

    • W.M.E is a project that my friends and I created to help people write, it would detect when you spell things wrong or make grammar mistakes using AI. Then correct your mistakes and show you on an e-paper screen on a bracelet.

    • We got a merit award for this

    • Inter ESF maths race

    • RCHK Science competition


~ Services

  • Primary Student Council - Year 6 President

  • Primary Student Council - Year 5 - Member

    • A student led group that observes problems within the school community, and tries to resolve them. 

    • Helps promote and update things like events and the student notice board (in the undercover area near the primary office)


  • Primary Film Team

    • A group where we created videos, such as “What’s for lunch today”& “Back to school today at RCHK” that get sent to the parents and shown to primary students.

  • Secondary Student Council

    • Problems that are noticed around the school about things such as facilities, teachers, assignments, or social issues (between students or teachers or staff). Then work with teachers and staff to try to solve the problem (or sometimes if it's a social issue or certain facility issues, we promote them during assemblies.)

      • Focus group

  • Point Blank Studios

    • A group in which we help film events like RCHK idol, whole year assemblies, and create other short films like RDC on point. 

    • Occasionally, we help primary  film some films, for example a video for the year 6 transition week (2023)



  • Baking & cooking

    • Occasionally bakes and cooks food for friends and family, for celebrations (birthdays and gatherings and stuff) or just for fun

  • Debating

    • Class every week on Wednesday

    • Teacher : Perry Ge (Mr. Ge)

  • Piano

    • In 4th grade (going to assess for 5th grade as of now (2023))

    • Teacher : I have had multiple, but the one that is currently teaching me right now is Carmen Fok (Ms. Fok)

  • Reading

    • I prefer to read fiction books, although I still read quite a lot of non-fiction books. 



  • Perseverance

  • Leadership

  • Communication skills

  • Public speaking

  • Event management



  • Piano

  • Debate

  • Taekwondo

  • Japanese

  • Cycling

  • Swimming

  • Coding

  • Water sports

Name : Caia Tam

Birthday : September, 23rd, 2011

Gmail :

School : Renaissance College, Hong Kong (RCHK)



  • Academic scholar (2022 - 2023 currently)

  • Mid-year report - 49/56 (2022 - 2023)



  • Academic scholarship (2022-2023) RCHK

  • Hong Kong Science Fair (Writing made easy) - Merit award

  • Grade 4 piano (117 points)

  • Piano competition, (song : Giga) 3rd place - Merit award

  • Piano competition (song : Moderato cantabile) - Silver award

  • Chinese Speech festival (永遠的曇花)- Merit award

  • Taekwondo - Blue-red Belt


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