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We all make mistakes, after all, we're only human. Those mistakes can lead to negative reactions, and regret.

Prompt : Imagine there is a day when you cannot experience regret. What would it be like? What about the next day, when things go back to normal?


Regret, is what usually holds us back, the fear that you might not be happy with what happens after. But, in a day without it, it could be the best thing ever, or the worst.


The thing about regret, is that it holds us back, for better or worse. Sometimes, you overthink about things, but sometimes, knowing that you might regret it stops you from making bad choices. It’s really two sides of the coin.


On paper, this sounds like a really good idea, no matter what you do, you will never regret it, so at first, you would probably do a lot of crazy things and spend lots of money, knowing that you would never ever feel like you shouldn’t have. But then you have to remember, regret is what usually stops you from doing things that you shouldn’t do. So the next day, you would feel quite a bit of regret. That impulse is pretty strong, but the next day, the effect is even bigger.


So for me, I would probably still buy quite a lot of things, but not useless things, probably things like books and stationary. I think if the things have a use, and you don’t feel regret for that day, I think it would be an ethical thing to do. But that's not all I would do. 


I feel like I would try to do more things like go to museums, exhibits, and spend the whole day out. Preferably to things that are either therefore a limited time, or educational. Now this might seem odd, considering I’m still 11 years old, and you don't even feel the regret on that day. Why would I spend my time doing that? Well, there's actually a pretty logical reason. 


I’m a person who acts before I think. It’s not a trait that I think is good. But, after this year, and everything and everyone that helped me, I’m trying to improve. I’m aware of this problem, so I need to solve it. Typically, when I am excited about something, I like to plan. I have this weird habit of having to know exactly what is going to happen, and I guess it’s good and bad. Some might think it’s annoying to keep asking (it probably is) but it helps me keep track of time and make sure that I don’t go off task and do things I’m not supposed to. So on this day, I don’t think it should be any different. In fact, it shouldn’t be any different.


It’s only one day with no regret, not the day after, and after. If I had spent the day doing useless things, the days after, would be a much bigger punishment. I think that if you at least did things that would be useful in the future, then it won’t make you regret so much. Plus, regardless of if or if not you feel regret, you should have self-control, because if your mindset is fully set on the present, and not even the tiniest bit in the future, you will definitely regret. Sooner or later.


At the end of the day, it’s pretty funny that I wrote this. I find that this is what many people tell me, and I try to listen to, but habits are habits and I forget. But now that I have to write it down and reflect, I’m taking every little detail into account for. Now, I really do see why people write things like to-do lists. 


I feel like this year, I learned a lot of new skills, and have learned to apply them. But more related to the prompt, in conclusion, I would remember to not only think about the present, but also the future. But that’s not it. There is no use for having a present or future, if you don’t enjoy either. So the most important part is, to strike a balance. 

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