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Student council (again)

Once again, for yet another year, I was given the honour to be our year level’s student council representative. 

This year I was allowed to be part of the student council team, and hope to be able to make influence and help our school. Sitting in the backseat and hearing how everything works and what people really want us to change. My experiences in student council, I hope, are one of the things that helped shape me as a person. How to be a leader, how to tell what people want, and how to deal with conflict. These are only some of the many things I was lucky enough to learn from them.

One specific thing, however, was learning how to deal with issues from different points of view. It used to be just logical thinking, if it makes sense financially and structurally, it was obviously the way to go, but many options and decisions heavily relied on the balance of what people think in our community. The best example of when I was able to learn this was when we made the initiative to change the price of eggs from 23 dollars to 28. This was so that the eggs could be more ethical, but by doing that it would be more expensive. 

Most people were disagreeing with the pricing, but we still wanted to make this happen, as it ultimately is the better choice, and so there was a dilemma. In the midst of chaos, of course there was an answer, which was to make it an option for those who supported the movement to pay if they so choose. But of course, how to price eggs is not what I learned, what I learned was how to create a solution that helps everyone. This is what I was able to see from this opportunity.

Of course, I will still be trying again next year, in hopes that I can learn more. 


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