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Point blank Studios

When they say to look at the world from a different perspective, I don’t think they meant it very literally. However, why don’t we take that statement, and make it come to life by viewing the world through a lens. 

Filming things is an experience that you really can’t forget. I mean that most literally. This is where you can see visually what you used to produce, as well as being able to see what you improved on. But more importantly, what you didn’t do as well. Looking back at footages, the way we edited and the way we filmed, this is the best way to know how to improve, and also figure out what we have improved on. But, we can take things one step further. 

While filming is easily captured and recorded, other parts of this “club” also require improvements. Such as how to use different equipment, and also story writing. But even in these, I still try to follow the philosophy of being able to look back, reflect and check on what I am doing well, and what I could be doing better. 

Does this always work? No, not always. Sometimes forgetting to record things and mark things down means I can’t check in the future, which is yet another thing I learned. To mark down things, all small seemingly insignificant ideas, and all big projects that could have influence in the future. 

I just need to make sure I have the storage to keep all that footage.


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