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BIEA Stem 2

Updated: May 2

Once again, the BIEA stem challenge has managed to capture my interest. 

This year we were tasked to create a sustainable fashion item that will be able to help wellbeing as well as creating a piece of clothing good for the environment. While this was very design, and research heavy, this was not what was most challenging, but instead, it was the time management required. 

Because of the numerous other things that being in year 8 has placed on us, the time constraints of me and my teammate; Annabelle Wong’s schedules made it difficult to co-operate and finish efficiently. This proved to be a very difficult hurdle to overcome, because as I have learnt from my previous projects, teamwork is crucial. Due to the summer break coming up as well, assessments too were piled on. 

In the end, however, it is still achievable. 

Even with time constraints and sometimes the difficulty of meeting up and meeting deadlines, communication was still key to achieving this. It doesn’t really matter who does what, but more important that we are able to get it done, and make sure it is an idea that was compromised, not imbalanced. Communication of course still is difficult to achieve, which is where our technology comes in. Seen as sometimes a weakness, being able to text over the internet and communicate in that way made it many times easier, but it also taught us how to organise, and remember to check in case something was needed. 

In the end, from this competition I was not only able to learn more about the textiles in which we are surrounded by, but also how to organise and ensure that we are able to meet deadlines, and do the best that we can no matter the circumstances.


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