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A game of fun with words and for the whole  family! Now, let's add a little spice and competitiveness into the mix. 

If I'm going to be completely honest, I had no idea that scrabble was competitive, nor did I think I would ever be one to compete competitively for our school.  But, thanks to my friend Ella Wong’s influence, I was easily hooked. This simple word game of strategy, vocabulary, and memorization was one that seemed trivial, until put into practice. I may not be the best at is, but the improvement process sure is a fun one. 

While learning is fun, the most important part to me, was the competition. It was pretty horrifying in the beginning, since it was a new environment, new people, and almost no experience. So I’m sure you can imagine my initial fears. But, as they say, pressure makes diamonds. Although one of my first experiences, one of the most important ones on this path. Learning how to deal with people who are much better, as well as learning what is determined as good. 

In the end, maybe getting pushed out of your comfort zone isn’t all that bad, it really is the fastest way to learn, but if you get thrown into the deep end, you may end up drowning instead. That balance is crucial, which is why trying to prepare really helps. This applies to almost everything, not just scrabble, and I will try my best to apply this to all else that I do.

(I Realise that I forgot to mention how we did in the competition)

School overalls: 2nd place

My ranking: 14/76


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