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Point Blank Studios

Updated: May 7, 2023

I never really thought about photography and filming, but when the opportunity came up, it lit a spark. Something about capturing moments that would be important for such a big community, it was as if, I was somehow waiting for a moment.

I’m a forgetful person, I can’t remember a lot of things. Sometimes, if you ask me, “what did you eat for breakfast?” I genuinely may not remember. You probably have no idea why I’m talking about this now, but you might. Because what filming has taught me about, was to capture every moment and make sure you spend it well.

When filming, especially for big events, missing a small clip could make the entire video lower quality. But I have no patience. So sometimes, I rush through things. That's how I do it, but not how my friend does. My friend, Eunice, has been with me in both primary film team and point-blank studios, and she knows what to do. She takes me and reminds me to wait patiently and remember to stay until we are sure that we are done. When you rush, I tend to find that the results aren’t as good as when you take your time.

It’s not just Eunice who helps, I often film with others, and they also remind me and tell me. Don’t rush it, stay calm, and just try your best. Typically, that works out best. It really does.

I realised that it doesn’t only apply to filming, it applies to a lot of other things. Daily life things, and I’m trying my best to apply it everywhere. But I tend to rush things a lot, and I can’t wait for too long, but it’s a skill that I acquired, and I will wait with patience for it to develop more.

(The photo is a photo from the point-blank studios Instagram. I couldn't find any better photos)

Film Team members (Caia Tam RCHK)


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