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Paper Forgs

Updated: May 7, 2023

It started off with a business card. I just folded a little paper frog since I got a random business card from a restaurant. I showed my friend, and she was like, we could sell these. So we did. Me and my friend (Sofia, she let me show her name) , and we showed others that would help us, and we designed posters, websites and an Instagram account. We even made a capsule machine to fundraise.

I never expected it to go so well. During the first day, we managed to raise $200HKD purely from the capsule machine. Soon, we will have an official fundraising stall.

I had expected some success, but not this much. It got me to think, even with just this cardboard contraption, made from leftover cardboard, we raised so much money. Why didn't I do this more often? It was fun. We just folded little origami frogs, and we set up a little stall, and we managed to raise 200 dollars to save the frogs. Maybe, it was because I didn't have people to help me.

I realised, having people to help, is the spotlight. I love having people surrounding me, to help out. It has the challenge of having other people when they don't understand, and the arguments. But if you choose the right team, you are bound to do better. Potentially some other people would prefer to have no team, to avoid the argument, but many times the argument leads to something better. What I learned from this, is something about me. I like to surround myself with people, to help the others.

Paper Frogs Fundraising Poster


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