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Maybe they were wrong, maybe second time’s the charm. Through my second attempt at a rather sizeable science competition, the annual BIEA stem competition. Through the rough guidelines, me and my partner Sofia Tang, we came up with yet another idea. To put it simply, we wanted to harness the unknown power of one of natures best carbon dioxide absorbers, kelp. Absorbing way more than tree, we wanted to implement this in to houses in Hong Kong since we omit so much pollution, after all, what better place to take initiative than where we were born and raised?

Realising and looking back now, this process was much easier than the first time. Being able to create ideas and truly enjoy both the research and making the deck and designing the products, was sort of eye-opening. A project has its highs and lows, and my previous viewpoint on these was, the low’s would all end up compiling into the highs. But turns out, I could not have been more wrong. There are not supposed to be so many lows, it's better to have a smooth trip to be able to really generate ideas. Part of achieving that, is to find something you are passionate in. 

Something people constantly tell you is that the trip is more important than the destination, I never understood that. Maybe it was because it always felt like the effort put into the trip was never worth the destination, always so close to success, but never really there. Until this time, where we were lucky enough, and honoured to get second place for RCHK, and being able to go to England to present our idea to the wonderful judges. More than that, we were even invited to the renowned house of parliament to listen to a talk about creating sustainable change in our society.

To make an experience unforgettable, it doesn’t have to be extravagant with so many new discoveries, but it sure does help, and this experience, I am sure to never forget, and strive to recreate these feelings potentially, with all the rest of the things I would do, such as the other science competitions I am doing. 

(if you want to know what that is, go to the other sections titled BIEA 2.


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May 01

youre so cool caia

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